Admiring Jesus Is Not Enough, We Have To Follow His Footsteps Says Pope Francis

Christianity without a cross is a fraud. We must carry our cross to follow Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis has urged Christians to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ, stressing that it is not enough to admire His traits.

Pope Francis made the remark while delivering the homily in St Peter’s Basilica. He explained how those who earlier hailed Jesus later turned out to call for his crucifixion.

His words; “What happened?  They followed the idea of the Messiah rather than the Messiah himself. They admired Him but they did not let themselves be amazed by him.  Amazement is not the same as admiration.”

“Admiration can be worldly since it follows its own tastes and expectations.  Amazement, on the other hand remains open to others and to the newness they bring.  Even today, there are many people who admire Jesus.”

“They admire him, but their lives are not changed.  To admire Jesus is not enough.  We have to follow in his footsteps, to let ourselves be challenged by him; to pass from admiration to amazement.”

Pope Francis said beautiful things, He was filled with love and forgiveness, His exemplary strides changed history and brought salvation to the world.

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