Inflation: Our Salaries Could Not Sustain Us To The Next Day – Civil Servants Lament –

Civil servants in the country have appealed to federal and state governments to consider increasing workers’ salaries to reduce their hardships.

Some of the workers lamented that their monthly take-home could not sustain them beyond 48 hours.

In separate interviews, the workers noted that the appeal was paramount because prices of goods and services had gone up.

A Federal Government worker who gave his name as Yusuf Muhammed said that the hike in fuel prices, prices of goods, and transportation are on the daily rise.

Muhammed lamented that what he normally bought for N500 was now sold for N3000 and above, adding that it has posed a tremendous challenge to low-salary earners.

Hear him: “We are facing difficulties as a result of an increase in the pump price of fuel, foodstuffs and other goods.

“It has not been easy for us to cope with the current inflation as our salaries have remained the same. We appeal to the federal government to come to our aid.

“The current increase in prices of commodities have made it impossible for the salaries of many of us to sustain us to the next day as we spend it on payment of credits,” he said.

Mrs. Alice Okolie, a federal civil servant, said that she had sold her vehicle because she could not afford its maintenance.

“I am appealing to the Federal Government to do everything possible to increase workers’ salaries to cover up the deficit in our monthly take-home.

“My monthly salary is not enough to stock foodstuffs for one month. Yes, it will not be enough for me to buy the things I used to buy before the current increase in the prices of goods,” she said.

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