NDLEA Arrest Scores Of Drug Offenders, Convict 13, Confiscate Properties Worth Millions

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Delta State Command has arrested over 180 drug offenders between January 01, 2021 to June 30, 2021.

The Agency prosecuted 31 offenders over which 13 had been convicted.

The deputy state commander, operations and intelligence, Engr. Nathaniel Agada Negedu disclosed this in Ogwashi Uku, the command headquarters.

Nathaniel Negedu told Africa Investigative Magazine that the command within the period also counseled 13 drug addicts and reintegrated them to the society.

He obliged drug abusers to abstain from illegal drugs which he described as the oxygen to any form of crime.

Listing the drugs to be avoided to include India hemp, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, tramadol, amongst others, the state intelligence officer bemoaned that they have physical, psychological and socio-economic problems.

Negedu who is also a member of International Institute of Professional Security and Strategic Operations alleged that it is under the influence of drugs people commit crimes without recourse to conscience.

“In recognition of the fact the fact that drug is the oxygen to any form of crime you can think of: armed robbery, kidnapping, banditry and prostitution.

It is under the influence of these drugs that you see people committing the crime without recourse to conscience. For that reason, the fight against illegal drugs is a menace that had eaten the whole society.

There is need for all sundry, stakeholders, press and parents to join in the fight by given us intelligence because we can’t be everywhere. The intelligence will help us crack down and remedy the situation,” he said.

Asked if the Agency has achieved its objectives, Nathaniel A Negedu said, “the chief executive, Brigadier Buba Maruwa  changed the narrative of the agency by motivating his personnels and sanitizing the dirty areas of these merchants of death.”

In a letter dated 12th July, 2021 and officially addressed to Africa Investigative Magazine, the Agency opined that it confiscated 2,289.539kg of Cannabis Sativa, 382grammes of Cocaine, 75.1grammes of Heroin and 129.1grammes of Methamphetamine within six months.

Others were 32.464kg of Tramadol, 697.6grammes of Rophynol/Swinol, 120.4grammes of Diazepam, 91.07litres of Codeine Cough Syrup and 81.15litres of Cannabis/dry gin locally called monkey tail.

The letter reads:

2. “The requested information is presented in the following order.

a. The total number of suspects arrested from January 1st 2021 to June 30th 2021 is 145 males and 39 females, total=185.

b. The total number of cases prosecuted is 31 out of which 13 convictions has been recorded so far.

c. The total number of persons counseled within the period is 13.

d. The total number of drug exhibit seized includes;

• Cannabis Sativa – 2,289.539kg

• Cocaine – 382grammes

• Heroin – 75.1grammes

• Methamphetamine – 129.1grammes

• Tramadol    –        32.464kg

• Rophynol/Swinol – 697.6grammes

• Diazepam     –     120.4grammes

• Codeine Cough Syrup – 91.07litres

• Mixture of Cannabis/dry gin [popularly called monkey tail – 81.15litres


  • A drug is any article or substance of plant, animal or mineral origin or mixture of substance use in diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of diseases
  • It could also be defined as any substance when taken into the body and interact with the body system, modify the psychological and biochemical process of the body (WHO 1970). From the above definitions, it is evident that the use of drugs does not constitute any evil, if properly administered.
  • Proprietary drugs/prescription and over counter drugs. These are drugs that have been approved for sale. The prescription drugs include antibiotics, anti malaria syrup, phensic, Capenol tablet and simple cough mixture.
  • Legal/Ethical drugs: these are drugs whose manufacture for sale, possessions or use is controlled by laws.
  • Illegal drugs: Indian Hemp, Cocaine, Heroin etc. these are the hard drugs that are banned by legislations through various international treaties because of their dangerous consequences if used. They are Cannabis Sativa, Cocaine, Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Tramadol, Rophynol, Swinol, Diazepam, Codeine Cough Syrup, Mixture of Cannabis/dry gin popularly called monkey tail.

When psychoactive drugs are consumed, it changes the way the brain works and damages the body cells. The adverse effect can be grouped into three. Namely: Physical, Psychological and Socio-Economic problems.

Brain damage

Liver damage

High blood pressure

Damage to unborn body







Memory loss

Drug addiction

Withdrawal symptoms


Social vices, robbery

Stealing, cultism, rape

Kidnapping etc.

-Dropping out of school

-Loss of job

-Accidents and crashes

-Family disintegration





Drop out of School

Drug addicts are usually rebellious and defiant to laws, rules and regulations. They are often at collision path with authorities and are consequently expelled from schools. Some may even withdraw out of their volition; a collection of this group is a ready and fertile market for recruitment into the ever ready underworld. They are potential threats to National Security.

Job Loss

        Drug addicts are habitual truants at places of work and are consequently faced with the misadventure of job loss. The severance from their means of livelihood brings grief, destitution, suffering and despair to them and their dependants.

Armed Banditry

        Call it name, kidnappers, cattle rustlers, armed robbers, militants, insurgents or terrorist, their activities are powered by illicit drug consumption. Often time, drug addicts take up arms against people and the society primarily for financial benefits to be able to satisfy certain desire. They later graduate to hydra-headed criminals unleashing fear and anxiety on humanity. In Zamfara State, activities of these groups of criminals have a dire consequence on Food Scarcity, Economic Sabotage, Fear, and anxiety

Political Thug

        Drug addicts are tools in the hand of politicians during elections. To an addict, “anything for the fix”, they are often galvanized to political mischief snatching ballot boxes, killing and maiming under the influence of drugs.

Unproductive Population

        A country with a critical population of addicts has bleak economic prospects, wallows in a wobbling developmental journey. This is so because such a population is morbid and unproductive. The best asset of every nation is human capital development.

Road Traffic/Industrial Accident.”

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