Same-s3x Couples Against God’s Law, Church Doctrines, Cultural Sensibilities Of The Nigerian People – CBCN Declares –

As against the new directive of Pope Francis to allow Catholic Priests bless same-s3x couples, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, CBCN, has taken a different position, saying that same-s3x unions and their activities are against God’s law, and cultural sensibilities of Nigerians.

CBCN disclosed their decision in a statement signed its President, Archbishop of Owerri, Lucius Ugorji and Secretary, Donatus Ogun, Bishop of Uromi, on December 21, 2023, obtained by Africa Investigative Magazine.

Nigerian Bishops argued that offering blessings to same-s3x couples goes against God’s law, Church doctrines, the laws of Nigeria, and the cultural sensibilities of the Nigerian people.

“The declaration seeks to clarify the different forms of blessing that can be given to persons and objects in the Catholic Church, including the possibility of blessing persons in irregular unions,” they said.

It identifies irregular unions to include, but not limited to, divorced and remarried couples, whose previous marriages had not been annulled, those in same-s3x unions, those in polygamous unions, and those in concubinage, among others.

Nevertheless, the Church maintains a clear stance that the blessing of individuals in irregular unions can only be performed in a non-liturgical manner to prevent confusion.

The bishops further clarified that such blessings should not be conducted during or in connection with a civil wedding ceremony, nor should they incorporate attire, language, or symbols associated with a wedding.

“Inviting those in irregular unions to remain hopeful and open to conversion, the CBCN insisted that the Church does not possess the authority to bestow a blessing on irregular unions.

“The Declaration also reinforces the truth about God’s mercy. Asking for God’s blessing is not dependent on how good one is. Imperfection is the reason for seeking God’s grace,” they added.

The Catholic Bishops reassured Nigerians that the teachings of the Catholic Church on marriage remain the same, thanking all the Priests for their support of married couples.

They urged the Priests to continue in their efforts to uphold the sanctity of holy matrimony and never to do anything that would detract from this sacrament’s sacredness.

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