The Comparative Analyses Of Major Aspirants For Delta State House Of Assembly (Ndokwa West Constituency)

The 2023 general election is fast approaching. The aspirants vying for various elective positions have been strategizing, fortifying their foundations and structures toward achieving desired objectives.

The clause, ‘desired objective’ is thoughtful, considering the intention of the perceived aspirant. The behavioral pattern of aspirants before the declaration of interest to contest for certain positions and desired objectives are worth evaluating.

This material is aimed at bridging the gap between the confusion and perception of electorates for considering a candidate for any position.

To achieve the stated vision, some questions are worthwhile. What are the desired objectives of the politician who wants to represent you? Is the aspirant able to shoulder the burden of his constituents? Or the aspirant is out for recognition to enrich his coast at the expense of his people?

Equipping ourselves with concrete answers to these questions would guarantee a soft landing. Critical analyses and interpretation of aspirants’ behavioral attitudes would help electorates at a time of confusion. Hence, a comparative measure for major aspirants jostling for Ndokwa West Constituency, Delta State House of Assembly.

The aspirants were the Peoples Democratic Party’s Candidate and member representing Ndokwa West Constituency, Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Charles Chukwuemeka Emetulu, Chief Valentine Onyemike of All Progressives Congress (APC), and the candidate of Labour Party, Chief Chuks Onyemulu.

Hon Charles Chukwuemeke Emetulu
Hon Charles Emetulu

Hon Charles Emetulu has served the good people of Delta State and Ndokwa Nation in different capacities. He was a member of the post-primary education board between 2008-2010, and a former Commissioner for Energy.

His effort to improve the power supply in his delivery network threw the people of Ogume and its environs into unspeakable darkness for over a decade before the recent intervention of Barr Leonard Anoka to restore it.

This feature is not to expose any candidate to hatred. It focuses on the presentation of the true definition of political candidates and leaders.

Though, Charles Emetulu has executed some petty projects which are not enough to justify his probity and the position he had occupied for years. No part of the Ndokwa nation has tasted the firmness of quality representation apart from his immediate environment.

Under Emetulu’s watch as the chairman of the Education Committee in the State House of Assembly, separate motions were moved and adopted for upgrading and establishment of higher institutions in the state with Ndokwa Nation benefiting from none.

It is how one walks that his clothes get torn. At the time of filing this report, the students of Ogume Grammar School, Ogume have been denied access to education as the school was shut down months ago.

Yet, little was done to save his people from trouble. Is this an indication that the House of Assembly member who doubled as the Chairman of the Education Committee needs to be reminded of the importance of education?

Chief Valentine Onyemike
Chief Valentine Onyemike

Chief Valentine Onyemike is contesting on the platform of APC for reasons not far-fetched. Who is willing to plant a tree without minding the people to sit under its shade? Onyemike, to the best of his strength, has assisted his people by offering scholarships. According to Whisper, if you are helping someone and you are expecting something in return, you are doing business not kindness.

Chief Chuks Onyemulu
Chief Chuks Onyemulu

In the same vein, Chief Chuks Onyemulu, the candidate of the Labour Party has committed his space and resources for the good of his people. He has initiated and executed personal projects in the Ndokwa nation. He funded students studying the Ukwani language and facilitated employment opportunities for many Ndokwa youths.

He is a product of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and International Business Management. Chief Onyemulu rendered selfless services to the Ndokwa people as well as the brain behind the annual scholarship awards by Umuseti community in Lagos. To mention but a few.

With this current political trend that politicians paid deaf ears to the yearnings of the people, it is not advantageous to consider financial benefits to support a credible candidate.

Unlike the incumbent who has absolutely not done enough with our allocations, it is obvious that Chief Chuks Onyemulu expressed his interest with sincerity of purpose and would give the people of Ndokwa West the needed representation.

Onyemulu has set every machinery in motion to plant a tree for his people to sit under its shade. This feature, however, calls on Ndokwa’s sons and daughters, particularly Ndokwa West to support him for solidarity and effective representation.

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