By Odili Ogochukwu –

The New Generation is a short fiction centered on Ikenna. He’s young and energetic. He meanders from city of Port Harcourt to the village; from village back to the city all in search of green pastures.

A graduate and jobless, Ikenna depends on farming for self reliance and financial independence. But this could not take him to his destination. Neither does it sustain his early marriage with a beautiful and fashionist Ugomma. (pp.1-2)

Ikenna and Ossai (his father) are so poor to the point that poverty sings a song with their names; a major reason that Ugomma walks out of her marriage with Ikenna – Ossai’s only survived son. (pp. 16-20).

“I can’t remain here glorifying poverty
… … there are other girls of your type
there. … … kindly go out and get your
type. …,” Ugomma told Ikenna.

After many years of struggle, Ikenna secures his dream job. But that exposes him to new phase of challenges as he suffers another marital setback (pp. 52-62). Nkiruka, his proposed bride disappeared on the day of their wedding.

Ikenna however breathes the air of freedom when Unodima weds him and amazingly becomes an incomparable companion and helpmate that makes much difference in his life.

She remains honest to Ikenna in the face of financial backwardness that he later falls back to (pp. 78-80).

Transfer of curses from one generation to another forms the subject matter of this literary work (p. 86). There was reign of hardship, poverty and failure on Ossai’s household.

After laboring in vain, Ossai accuses his father Osuya of its cause and carries from sick bed to dump at the evil forest. Osuya who does same to his father places a curse on Ossai.

“It is not evil that the soil grows weeds.
… …reap what you sow is not a curse.
Your son shall treat you the same way
you treated me …,” Osuya said.

Osuya’s words to Ossai before he died in the evil forest. Not having a mental picture of what transpires between his father (Ossai) and his grandfather (Osuya), Ikenna finds himself operating in the same cycle. After he suffers series of disappointment, he also carries Ossai to their usual place of death.


The governing idea of this work is forgiveness. Ossai did not keep the evil ball rolling. He forgives Ikenna despite dumping him to die at the evil forest. Not placing a curse on him puts an end to the foundational curse in the family. Thus, gives birth to the new generation of children that is curse-free. Ossai’s words:

“The star does not struggle to shine so shall you not struggle to excel. … I will bless you my son … I shall not curse you. Those who killed by sword die by sword but today, I break this generational curse in this family.

“I did this to my father and my father cursed me. My father also told me that he did it to his father. But I tell you that your children shall not come near this evil forest. Go my son, for it shall be well with you … it is a curse in the family but it has broken. … I love you my son.”

In terms of physical location, the new generation is principally set in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Its phenomenon takes place in the twenty first century.

Ebonyi State is another state that prominent event is featured in the narrative; a place that Ikenna meets Ugomma during his one year national youth service (p.20). Major events also took place in a village under Port Harcourt; the ancestral home of Ossai, Ikenna and the evil forest.

There are fictional agents or persons who act out the incidents in this narrative. Among them are; Osuya, Ossai, Ikenna and Ugomma. Others are Unodima, Nkiruka, Chika, Pastor Olu, Doctor, Ikenna’s friend, Chika’s parents and cockroach.

The basic characters are Ikenna, Ossai, Osuya and Unodima. While the major character is Ikenna whom all the incidents in the narrative reflect on.


The cause and effect of the incidents in this narrative is pervasive on Ikenna. It is however written in chapters. It has ten (10) chapters. Each chapter recounts Ikenna’s as a man who encounters a lot of thorns as a result of the curse in his family.

The curse there summarized as a seed planted by Osuya’s father. It is watered by Osuya. Ossai actually harvests its fruits over which Ikenna eats the larger portion (p.92).

The new generation is written in simple English language. Proverbs, idioms, and imagery are employed to achieve artistic goals.

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Evwurahmre ogheneochuko Ruth
Evwurahmre ogheneochuko Ruth
1 year ago

Nice story actually learnt a lot

Obude praise
Obude praise
4 months ago

From section B , p to z write an extensive note on any four character in the novel the new generation by odili ogachukwa?

Chukwuneme Sonia
Chukwuneme Sonia
3 months ago