How Suspected Fulani Herdsmen Sack A Community In Delta

Suspected Fulani Herdsmen has last month raided Ogwashi Uku community in Aniocha South Local Government Area, Delta State.

The suspected herders in their large numbers invaded Aboi-Dei community at night, robbing the communiters of their values.

The herders broke in their various houses with AK-47 rifles stealing the hard earned money from the poor farmers in Aboi Dei.

Aboi-Dei Camp is one of the Ogwashi-Uku Camps whose major dwellers were farmers and strangers that pay rentage to Azungwu Quarters in Ogwashi Uku.

The robbers besieged the camp about 1:25 am, shooting sporadically before taking turns to rob the helpless farmers.

It was gathered that upon hearing a gunshot, some of the inhabitants, out of fear, ran into the bush to take refuge.

One of the victims who gave his name as Emeka Osuji said the herders entered the community and robbed everybody except a few persons that escaped.

“The Fulanis broke into my mother’s house around 1 am carrying AK-47 rifles and daggers. They ransacked her house and collected the only N15, 000 on her. The money she could have used to treat herself at the hospital the next day,” he said.

An eyewitness who preferred anonymity said that people ran into the bush as the Fulanis shot into the air.

Another source told Africa Investigative Magazine that only one woman was robbed as other people jumped into the bush on hearing gunshots.

A community leader in Ogwashi Uku confirmed the incident, saying that no life was lost at the attacked carried out by suspected Fulani Herdsmen on Abodei camp at the second week of March, 2022.

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