Ukraine Dumps Julian Calendar, Celebrates First Christmas On December 25 –

Ukrainian Orthodox Christians are observing Christmas on December 25, 2023, for the first time to mark her departure from the traditional celebration date.

Ukraine has been observing the Julian calendar, complying with Russia’s practice that made the country celebrate Christmas on January 7.

The country, thus, celebrate Christmas in conformity with the Western, or Gregorian calendar, which the country applies in daily life, concluding their departure from Russia.

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, amended the legislation in July, declaring that it was now permissible for Ukrainians to “abandon the Russian heritage” of celebrating Christmas in January.

In a Christmas message posted on Twitter on Sunday evening, Mr Zelensky said, “Darkness will eventually lose. Evil will be defeated. Today, this is our common goal, our common wish, and what we pray for. For our freedom. For our victory. For our Ukraine. Christ is Born! Glorify Him!”

In the midst of the ongoing conflict with Russian forces, Ukraine has been actively pursuing measures to sever ties with its neighbouring country.

In light of Ukraine’s historical ties to the Soviet Union, numerous streets, monuments, and other landmarks in the country bear connections to Russia. In a recent development, Ukraine has taken steps to rename certain streets and remove specific monuments.

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