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Good day friends! Have you heard of a man who established a zoo and made the entrance fee $50 but no one went there?

He reduced it to $40 yet no one visited. He further reduced the fee to $20 still people didn’t come.

Eventually, he made it FREE and the zoo was filled with people. He quietly locked the gate of the zoo, set the lions free, and made the exit fee $5,000 and everyone paid.


A. In pursuit of life ambition, be cautious of freebies.
i. Not all are real. Some offers are big traps.
ii. Behind some gifts lies ulterior motives.
iii. You may lose your life trying to get a free ride.
iv. You may lose all your money trying to get free airtime or free data.
B. Note that most promotions on the Internet, Facebook, and WhatsApp platforms are scams.

Be warned!

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