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Jones and Jane got married just after six months of courtship. The love seems to be hot, and both of them look like a perfect couple to everyone around.

Jones was a senior civil servant, who believes so much in his wife’s independence, he showed it not only by establishing a good textile business for her but also helped her to build it up by resuming thereafter office to help her keep her balances until she became well established.

He takes advantage of every opportunity in the office, by making sure his wife’s business benefits from it. What he refused to do however is to put eyes into her finances, like how much she makes and what she spent it on.

He takes care of his home as the head and they live well together until madam suggested that they needed to change the environment as they have lived too long in that area, they got an agent who got a well spacious duplex for them in a decent area.

Jones loves the house and the environment but the rent was a bit too high and was going to eat too much into their finances, Jane helped out and Jones was happy about that. Even though he had to pay back after some months.

What was becoming hard for Jones was the fact that there is always an increase in the rent on yearly basis. This was becoming unbearable for Jones, so he had to go to the agent after the third increase and begged him to reconsider.

The agent said it was not his fault, he simply needed to act according to the order of his client. Jones came back home dejected and was almost crying, when Jane asked what happened, “this rent is killing me” he answered. Don’t worry, I will help out but you will have to pay me back.

Thanks for the help, but having to pay back is my issue, it will still affect my purse and payment of my bills, we will find ways around it, she assured him.

A week later, he went back to the agent without, the knowledge of his wife, and asked the agent to look for another house for them, “I don’t want my wife to always have to bail me out” please look for another house that I can afford. I also have school fees to pay.

Hmmm, sir, I can see how devastated you are because of this, I saw you at the last time that the burden is becoming too much for you. But sir, why can’t madam help out, “oh she does, but I don’t want anything that will affect her business” besides it’s too painful when I’m paying back.

But sir, were you not the one that established the business for her? Yes, I did. Have you bothered to ask what she spends her money on? No, I don’t think I need to. I’m not the kind of man that asks such questions. So, she’s been expanding businesses for years and you don’t know where the money goes and you think that is right?

By the way sir, why can’t you build your own house? I could have, but there are too many bills and not enough savings for that. But you had savings to establish a business for your wife?

Well, what I’m about to tell you is a breach of contract and a breach of trust, but I will rather lose a client than watch my fellow man die under a financial burden. “what are you saying?” what I’m saying is that your wife owns the house you are paying for and to shock you further she has two others.

Jones felt a heavy knock on his head, he felt dizzy, feverish, and nauseated all at once. You say what? You heard me, sir. I’m sorry but I hope you can remedy this. Have a good day sir.

Jones left the agent’s office and was confused. What can I do, where will I start from? How will I approach this?

Friends here is it for today.

What went wrong, what did he do wrong, what did Jane do wrong, what did the agent do wrong, how can they resolve this what is the solution?

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