‘Be Ready For Any Eventuality’, Tony Nwaka Tells Followers Months After PDP Suspension

The former Delta State Commissioner for Bureau for Special Duties, Dr. Tony Felix Nwaka has called on his supporters to remain calm and steadfast over his suspension from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The Public Policy Consultant and Author was handed a letter of suspension by his  ward party chairman over what is described as a ‘frivolous Facebook post’.

Recall that Chief Tony Nwaka who was also the former chairman of Aniocha South Local Government Area, Delta State was suspended on the December 15, 2021 and he appeared before the party’s disciplinary committee on January 07, 2022.

It was learned that the leadership of People’s Democratic Party is yet to take decision on him after he had served one month suspension.

In a Facebook post on Monday February 21, 2022 which he entitled, “My Suspension From PDP: A Message To My Followers”, Nwaka appealled to his loyalists to keep faith alive, saying that he is ready for any eventuality. Hear him:

“Be calm. Remain steadfast. Be prepared and ready!

“As you are all aware, I was placed on a one month suspension by my PDP ward chairman on 15 December, 2021, and directed to face a disciplinary panel over a Facebook post. Technically, I have served the one month suspension, being that the duration of the sanction has long passed and no counter letter was issued to reverse it within the period.

“I have also appeared before the disciplinary committee of the party on 7 January, 2022. But ever since, the findings and recommendations of the committee have not been made public, and no statement has been issued by the party on the matter.

“My followers and well-wishers are worried. Every day, I am flooded with enquiries and genuine concerns about the delay in releasing the report of the panel and my fate in PDP.

“They all want to know the reason for the silence, particularly as this is a year of intense party politics and primaries, and any orchestrated inactivity could be disastrous to political fortunes.

“Accordingly, I am sending out this message to appeal to all my followers and well-wishers to be calm, remain steadfast, be prepared and ready for any eventuality.

“Indeed it would be ridiculous for a politician of my experience and standing not to be privy to the goings-on within the disciplinary committee. The earlier report and instruction from some quarters to re-write the report are all well-known to me. But we shall not jump the gun.

“I advise that we wait for the formal release of whatever eventually becomes the report, consequent upon which we shall respond as appropriate. But, of course, there is a point beyond which we can no longer stand, waiting and staring at a closed door.

“On this note, let me appeal once again to my followers and well-wishers that we all remain focused on our vision of inspirational politics and exemplary public service.

“No amount of intimidation or petty contrivances will stop us from playing a major role in the unfolding political dispensation. Either way, how ever it turns out, we shall be in the field as principal participants in the contests. An Anioma adage says, “Ma ji esine is pue, o si odu pue” (If yam does not sprout from the head, it sprouts from the tail).

“So once again, let’s be calm, remain steadfast, be prepared and ready! God bless you,” he said.

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