Bishop Agrees Snatching Man’s Wife, Blames It On Genetics

Pastor justifies snatching a married woman from her husband by saying ‘it is expected because his father was polygamous’

A Pastor has justified snatching a married woman from her husband after he (husband) cried out.
A local Kenyan daily had reported that David Makori claimed that Bishop Charles Maloba of Power Pentecost Church stole his wife, a member of the church choir, three months ago and is now staying with her at an unknown place in Kajiado.

Makori also said efforts to reconcile with the wife with whom he has a child with, had been in vain. He disclosed that his wife told him that they can’t be together again because she had already fallen in love with the man of God who is also married to another woman.

The heartbroken man told The Nairobian; “I can’t understand how a married church bishop can snatch someone’s wife.

“It seems the bishop liked her performance in the choir that he found a way of drawing her close.”

Reacting to her husband’s claim, the lady accused her estranged husband of not being serious with their marriage hence why she got into a romantic relationship with the man of God.

The lady identified simply as Esther further accused Makori of refusing to make their marriage ”official” despite them being together for 10 years.

“How can he stay with me for over 10 years without bothering to make our marriage official? If I found someone serious with me what is the problem?” She added.

Bishop Maloba however justified his action by blaming it on genetics. He said that his actions were expected because first; his father is polygamous and second, he comes from the Luhya community in Kenya.

Maloba said; “You know I come from Luhya land and my father had six wives. If you know, you know.”

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