How A Show Promoter Dupes Davido In Italy

A Nigerian musical legend, David Adeleke, has narrated how he was duped by a music promoter after a live performance in Italy.

Adeleke who is popularly known as Davido shared the difficulties he went through to make the show a reality only for the promoter to abscond with his money.

In a social media post, Davido said that he was used to private flights, but could not get a landing permit on time due to logistic problems.

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“I fly private 90 percentnt of the time but due to logistic issues, we couldn’t get a landing permit on time.

“We overwork our bodies, blood sweat, and tears daily to keep up and deliver these shows for our fans, only for people to take our craft and hard work for granted,” he said.

The famous singer explained that the promoter did not live up to expectations by not submitting the resources they realized during the show.

According to him, the show promoter sold thousands of tickets which amounted to millions of naira but did not keep to the agreement.

He lamented that the promoter took his craft and hard work for granted despite his efforts and struggles to meet up responsibilities.

It was, however, verified that Davido took three connecting flights before he arrived in Italy due to logistic problems.

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