Reasons You Should Spice Your Meals With Scent Leaves

By Rosemary Stephen –

Scent leaf is a tropical plant specie which belongs to the family of Labiatae. It is an aromatic herb that has numerous uses and benefits.

As a home grown shrubs, it is often readily used as spices for cooking various delicacies, and as a homemade remedy for different bodily discomforts.

Scent leaves contain vitamin A, which promotes healthy eyesight. A deficiency in Vitamin A could lead to serious visual disabilities like night blindness and Xerophthalmia (a progressing eye disease).

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You could also experience dry skin and frequent infection if you are lacking Vitamin A. Also if you are looking to reduce bad cholesterol (also known low density lipoprotein), which is often blamed for causing early heart failure, then you will have to consider using the scent leaf more often, as it is said to be rich in calcium and magnesium.

About 33 grams of protein are gotten from every 100 grams of scent leaves. They also contain iron, potassium, and carbon.

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They aid digestion and have proven to be great remedy for stomach aches, dysentery, diarrhea, and vomiting. Antifungal infections like eczema, ringworm, boil, and rashes can be taken off by this plant.

Additionally, the oil extract from scent leaves have been scientifically proven to possess antimalarial, properties; this implies that when used appropriately, it can cure cough, catarrh, and fever.

Among the locals of West African region, it is said that scent leaves have been used to disinfect a baby’s umbilical cord and wounds, attack convulsion in children, and used as insecticides around the house.

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The stem of this plant is also used for promoting oral hygiene. A good chew of it will kill bacteria found in the mouth, and thus stamp out bad breath.

To take your cooking notch higher, try including scent leaves in your beans, yam porridge, pepper soup, native jollof rice and many more; you will be shocked at the aromatic smell and taste it releases.

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