How To Achieve Effective Public Speaking

The essence of communication is for the message to be understood. The effort used to achieve this important objective in any form must be effective. Therefore, the only privilege which communication enjoys is that the content of the message is comprehended without a struggle. If the speaker is misunderstood while making his speech, the purpose of the occasion is defeated.

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To be effective in speaking, the following steps should be taken.

Appropriate Language: The public speaker must note the intention of the program, and must not deviate from it. His language or diction must be in line with what he intends to achieve. For instance, speaking to persuade is different from speaking to incite. The appropriate language must be used. The subject of discuss determines the type of words and tones to be used while delivery your speech.

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Organize Your Ideas: While giving a talk, it is important to start from the base to the climax. Your ideas should be arranged in their order of importance. The first thing should come first. Chronological arrangement or management of your materials (ideas) helps to achieve your stated vision.

Intonation: This emphasizes the comportment and oral performance of the speaker. It further emphasizes the speaker’s ability to use Stress and Syllable effectively. As a public speaker, you learn the accurate pronunciation of words. Do not confuse your audience by wrong pronunciation. Your voice is another major thing to consider. You should be stable. Do not give room to rise and fall in your voice. It is appropriate to maintain an excellent standard.

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Avoid Ambiguous Words: It is advisable to use universally accepted meanings. Avoid the words that may distort the content of your message in the mind of your audience. Remember that it is the responsibility of your audience to interpret whatever is given to them. You are not in their mind to know how your message is interpreted or how they respond to certain words. Your yes, therefore should mean yes to everybody.

Preparation: You must be well prepared to avoid fallout. You must take time to study the subject of discourse. Carry out a thorough research on it to ensure you give a new meaning to the topic. This is only when your audience will take you seriously. If possible, use short stories to illustrate your points. It enhances understanding. Tell relevant stories.

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Time: A lot of public speakers have failed in the area of timing. You must be time conscious. You should bear in mind that the good thing done at a wrong time has automatically become a wrong thing. You should know the time to introduce humor, and the time to hit the nail on the head. You say something to arouse and sustain the interest and attention of your audience.

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