How To Make A Happy, Healthy Home

From Ogochukwu Elizabeth

When you see a happy couple, do not envy them or assume they were lucky to find each other. Though, there is a common belief that there is no happy home anywhere. That’s not true. It is a product of dedication and commitment. Being a good person or religious doesn’t make a happy home; neither money nor wealth does.

Marrying the most beautiful woman or handsome man does not guarantee happiness in marriage either. Some Christians believe that marrying someone who is deeply rooted in Christ Jesus is an automatic ticket to a happy home.

What then makes a happy home? A happy home is a totality of mutual fulfilment derived from selflessness and commitment to the marital union. Happy home is attained through a deliberate effort and determination of both parties. A fulfilled home is possible when both partners work toward it.

To reach this height of excellence, both parties must sacrifice themselves on the altar of marriage by accepting their cross.

In a happy home, ego and pride are buried in the grave for marital bliss. Partners in a happy home don’t think too much about themselves but the happiness of their spouse.

The journey to a happy home is initiated by the man or the woman. This journey starts with contentment and diligence. Then it continues with daily forgiveness and tolerance.

No couple is happy when they continue to look at each other’s weaknesses or flaws. Happiness comes when they accept each other’s shortcomings and take their difficulties to God. Committed couples are not interested in who is right or wrong in argument, rather, communicate for the purpose of better understanding.

Happy couples don’t compare their marriages with others. They are happy and they derive joy from what they have.

Happy homes are impossible for selfish and inconsiderate people. Happiness is cheap but the rich can not afford it. Happiness is a choice and the price is cheap, yet, only a few can afford it.

The principle or doctrine of a happy home is fashioned by the couple. The home of joy does not follow the trends on social media, rather, the couple engages on what makes the other happy.

You can initiate the journey to a happy home today no matter how far you have traveled in the path of bitterness and unforgiveness. An unhappy home is the junior colleague of hell fire. A happy home is a reflection of heavenly bliss. The choice is yours today.

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