I Can’t Marry A Jobless Man – Mapia Tea CEO, Mary Jeremiah

From Ayo Onikoyi:

The thirst for good looks and fitness has birthed all kinds of slim tea and herbal products, including Mapia Tea which has proved its mettle among the lot. And the delectable damsel behind the brand, Mary Nyananyobau Jeremiah who is in her 30s speaks with Potpourri on the brand, her relationship with Regina Daniels, and her kind of man. Her brand ambassadors are Regina Daniels and the BBNaija duo of Mercy Eke and Dorathy Bachor

The beginning

Growing up was interesting because I started living with my aunt at the age of 9 and one of her daughters influenced me to be conscious about fitness. Everybody in my family is big in size but one of my cousins was always mindful of what she ate and I started following in her footsteps at the age of 13. Whatever she did I would do and I think that was what influenced me to choose beauty and health as a career despite the fact that I study Business Management at UEL ( University of East London ) in Malaysia.

About Mapia Tea

Mapia means Mary in Greek so Mapia Tea is a lifestyle brand that is passionate about helping you achieve your dream body goals by creating world-class weight loss, weight gain, body shapers, rechargeable portable blenders, and other products that are focused on giving you a healthy lifestyle. In order to keep fit, I served in Abuja and after my service, I made so much money from side hustle (Story for another day) but there were so many bills to pay that I was left with N50,000.

I was so scared because I had no job. I used the 50k to buy slim tea from a woman that I had never met till today. I used some and sold some. I found out I was making money. People would pay me and I would ask the woman to supply them and the tea was working based on the testimonials from people so I decided to go into it fully and today Mapia Tea is everywhere.

Relationship with Regina Daniels

Our relationship started when I wanted her to be my brand ambassador. One afternoon she called me and asked if we could hang out. And that was how it all started. Thereafter our friendship grew to the extent that we can’t do without seeing each other every day. In fact, we have a product coming out next week tagged “Mapia and Regina Weight Gain” to tell you that it’s not just a friendship but we also do business together.

Ideal Man

I have a boyfriend but the challenge is that he’s a Muslim and I’m a Christian. We have dated for about 6 years now in spite of the religious challenge. That’s the challenge I have in life. As a business person, my ideal man doesn’t have to be a business person either. I would rather prefer he has a professional career but if he’s a business person I don’t mind.

But I can’t marry a man that does not have a job, this is for sure, someone who can’t take care of me and can’t provide for me. I’m not saying they should have too much but at least you can bring something to the table. The world is evolving, so if I see that you are very intelligent and smart and I can see your future, I don’t mind how much you earn right now, I don’t care if I have more money than you but at least I should be able to see that you have a bright future and you’re very hard working.

I can’t take care of a man by myself alone. You have to be productive, hardworking, and aiming for the future but a jobless person who doesn’t have a job, I’m sorry I can’t deal.

Source: Vanguard News Nigeria
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