I Will Contribute To Global And National Development Through Drama, Says A 9 year Pupil

Miss Goodnews Chukwunonso Ogwezzy hails from Emu-Obodeti, Emu-Kingdom in Ndokwa West Local Government Area, Delta State. She is committed to making the world a better through inspiring and educating short videos.


Can you tell the world who you are?

I am Ogwezzy, Goodnews, from Emu-Obodeti, Emu-Kingdom in Ndokwa West L.G.A of Delta State. I am a pupil of Creative Kids Primary School, Kwale.

I have seen some of your educating and inspiring videos. Why do you want to join the media industry?

I want to join the media industry because I feel it will be a veritable tool for me to contribute my quota to global and national development.

How do you think you can contribute to global and national development through acting of drama?

By God’s grace I have the vision of doing short videos on critical issues which have global and national significance.

How do you intend to compete with your contemporaries?

Kweke! as far as my acting is concerned, I don’t have contemporaries. Somebody selling drinks cannot compete with someone selling books. My videos deal with reality in the form of playlets which is quite different from what is commonly seen in social media.

What do you mean by reality?

In reality, I mean issues that have direct bearing on real life situations, mainly focusing on education, global peace, politics, agriculture, re-orientation, advocacy on good governance and so on.

What differentiates your videos from what is common now on social media?

My videos are inclined to call for sober reflection, a rethink and an appraisal. In fact, they are expositions on social reality. Presently, the videos produced do not elicit laughing but a call for sober reflection.

Can you give me the titles of at least five of your most recent videos?

They are: ASUU Strike, Global Threat, Political Party Aspirants 1, Party Aspirants 2, and Youths’ Leadership Mindset.

How many videos have you not released and yet to produce?

I have twenty films on editing, 35 scripts written down and some ideas on incubation.

Can you mention two videos that are still in incubation and why still in incubation?

It is Nigerian First Class Governors and Child Abuse, because I am still carrying out research on it. But it will be released before end of May.

Mention three titles of videos you intend to release next?

It will be; “The Callous Parents”, “Purpose Of Education”, and “First But Last”.

Would you want to go on full time acting?

No, no, not at all. I am so tender to think about this and the environment I find myself does not permit it. I will only take it as hobby and I only act during holidays. That is why these short videos were produced in this second term holidays (April).

How long will you want to be in the business of acting?

My acting is based on God’s vision. I mean, how God reveals what to act. That is, When the vision comes I act. Of course, you know revelation is for an appointed time.

What are some of the challenges you have faced in the course of acting?

The challenges are multifarious, because of the local environment I find myself. There are challenges in getting competent film makers, editors and conducive environment. These have made the cost of producing videos to be very expensive. You know everyone is facing hard economy. I find it difficult to get money from my father, to do the needful with regards to having good quality productions and organising people to act with me. Hence, my videos are limited to a few persons.

How often will you be producing new videos?

I intend to release a video every week but the cost of paying for film maker and editor is high. And, the availability of these people in working with me is frustrating. Hence, there is restriction in my production. But I know God will bless someone to help promote me in no distant time.

What do you have to say to your readers and viewers?
about your content?

I will first and foremost appreciate them for reading about me. I pray that someone out there to encourage me in one way or other by subscribing to OGWEZZY GOODNEWS TV and encouraging others to do same is one way. As a child, new in the social media any assistance my readers or viewers feel to render to me is welcome.

With a few of the videos you have produced, I believe Nigerians will be proud of you.

I bless God for that, my Journalist.

May God bless you all in Jesus name, Amen.

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