Has Ndokwa Land Becomes The Trash Of Delta State?

By Humphrey Etuwe –

Subsequent government has turned Ndokwa land to Dustin and garbage where all rubbish and dirt are kept. A chronological analysis of road constructions in Ndokwa west shows that the previous government led by Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan only constructed 3km roads in his 8 years as a governor.

At present, the administration of Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa constructed 6km road in Ndokwa west and rehabilitated 12 km road in about six years of his administration which amounted to an average of  1km  new road  constructed and 2km road  rehabilitated  per year, even as the roads were without drainages and others features for their sustainance.

The roads may collapse before 2023, possibly, after two or more rainy seasons. Onicha – Ukwuani and Utagba Uno share greater portion of disappointment as the governor has not executed any project despite the big gladiators in the area.

What a shame! The adminnistrative headquarters of Ndokwa West Local Government Area, Kwale, is not an exception. The Oil companies are beginning to rise up to the challenges without a synergy.

Hence, the town remains garbage; a situation, the government ought to capitalize on towards providing necessary design and laid down policy for development.

This is absolutely incomparable to other local governments. Delta State government has constructed over 57km roads in Isoko North and South as well as Aniocha North.

The ridiculous situation is worth weeping for. It is only Ndokwa nation that contributed emmersely to national purse with no infrastructural benefits.

We shall raise our voice to condemn in entirety, the docility and politics of self-aggrandizement of Ndokwa leaders for choosing to make Ndokwa nation their weeping child.

The following are the roads that need urgent  attention:

(1) Ndemili -Utagba uno roads with other adjoining roads = over 30km linking all the utagba uno satellite villages: Ogo- umusam, obi- uno isumpe, farm settlement,  Akakpani umuseti,  ogo ikilibi, Nja, akpu afor,  okpuchini umuseti,  and ukabi .

(2) Etua uno- Etua  oliogo, Etua etiti road =15km (3) All the link roads of utagba uno village’s linking, ikilibi uno/ umusadege road,   umuseti uno, and  umusadeli roads =5km.

(3) ulogwe isumpe – obi uno road 7km. (4)  Utagba uno – Eweshie road = 7km. (5) Amoji roads linking Asaba – kwale Road = 6km. (6) Ibabu obiukpo road = 5km. (7) Ugiliamia – Ossisia road = 7km. (8)  Ogbe ogume/ ogbagu/ umuchime/ Ebuetor ogume roads 9 km. (9) Ogbagu – Umukwata road 8km. (10) Ogbe ogume/ utue and Ogbe ogume – igbe ogume road =8km (11) Ogbeole ogume -obodougwa road = 5km. (12) Ogume – Abbi road = 11 km. (13) Emu Ebeado – Iyasele road 5km. (14) Inam  Abbi road = 4 km. (15) Ogume – Ezhionum Road =10km. The above roads mentioned are not street roads, but village to village connectivity.

We, the elites of Ndokwa nation shall stage a  revolution tagged, “OPERATION END BAD GOVERNANCE  IN NDOKWA  NATION”, unless the government of the day gives us favorable attention.

We will use any Arsenal in our disposition to resist the evil and bad representative. We look forward to seeing modern secondary school in our community, good hospital, skill acquisition centres, electricity and other amenities in our localities.

The decay in our communities are so alarming to the point that most residents  flee their ancestral homes during rainy season or perhaps endured by acquiring canoes for internal movement in their communities as a result of poor road networks.

In our subsequent publications, we shall highlight the chronology of our failed leaders’ contribution to our present state and others areas of our depravity.

In pursuance of the above,  we request for volunteers revolutionists/ protesters  from Ndokwa land as we intend to embark on continuous  prostest in our villages.

Our future and  destiny start now. For your information, every village will raise foot soldier for the public outcry in our community. Together, we will save our generation and our children from  slavery. Note, volunteers are already in place in some of our community.

Kindly private chat our admin – Humphrey Etuwe – 08039564343 and Engr Ajieh Macbeth – 080644829858 for more information.

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