Mixed Reactions Trail Hon Ossai Empowerment Scheme

The recent Business Support Empowerment Scheme conducted by Ndokwa/Ukwani Federal Constituency Representative, Delta State, Hon. Ossai Nicholas Ossai has been trailed with mixed reactions.

While the selected beneficiaries thanked him for his kind gesture, concerned sons and daughters of Ndokwa Nation have reacted sparingly, calling for meaningful projects.

Hon. Ossai N. Ossai in what he tagged, ‘18th Business Support Empowerment Scheme’ distributed motorcycles, freezers and generators to a selected number of constituents.

Reacting to the incident, the president general, Anioma Youth Council Worldwide, Comrade Enudi Marcus berated Hon Ossai’s leadership mentality urging him to embark on sustainable projects that would benefit everybody.

Enudi Marcus said that attracting foreign scholarship to the sons and daughters of Ndokwa Nation is better than sharing items to selected delegates that would vote for him at the next PDP primaries.

“Hon. Ossai N Ossai should treat us as a people, not as delegates to vote for him at the next PDP primaries. After election comes governance. Ndokwa nation will be better with sustainable projects.

“It is not his personal resources. He is not using his money for all he has been doing. It is constituency funds meant for development,” he said.

When asked why Ndokwa nation is lagging behind despite its natural endowment, the Anioma Youth president general attributed the under development in the region to political gladiators who sacrifice developmental programmes for selfish reasons.

“Ndokwa nation is not developed because of selfishness. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the host community and Oil Company is not enforced. Most of our politicians are contractors of the oil companies, and support them when they breach the MoU.

“The problem of Ndokwa nation is not the president or the governor but Ndokwa political leaders. Our land is not developed because the jobs meant for our people are given to others.

“We don’t need leaders who pursue contracts, instead of attracting dividends of democracy to the people. We don’t want leaders who will assassinate his constituents when criticized.

“We need leaders that are reasonable and reachable. Leaders who will consult his/her people before initiating a project; not when our pressing need is water, our leader will give us solar street light that won’t stand the taste of time.”



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