Obi-Nzete’s Peaceful Approach To Governance In Ndokwa West

From Barth Ozah:

In this report, Barth Ozah, examines the various peace building efforts of the executive chairman, Ndokwa West LGA, Chief Goddey Obi-Nzete, since he assumed office.

Great leaders from the distant past, have been assessed by the level of stability and peaceful coexistence of members of their territories.

Peace is a component of development and achieving it takes leadership that is focused, tolerant, selfless and determined.

Peace is a concept of societal friendship and harmony in the absence of hostility and violence. In a social sense, peace is commonly equated to mean a lack of conflict and freedom from fear of violence between individuals or groups.

Peace is when people are able to resolve their conflicts without violence and can work together to improve the quality of their lives.

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Maintaining peaceful coexistence has been the focus of Chief Obi-Nzete led administration in Ndokwa West LGA since he assumed office and within four months in office he has brought peace and stability in Kwale and the local government in general.

Recall that Kwale metropolis was a ‘theatre of war’ between rival cult groups, engaged in an epic battle of a sorts. The situation was so bad that at a time it was every day killings in the metropolis.

But thanks to Hon. Obi-Nzete’s timely intervention, the proactive steps taken so far have started yielding results. Though this is still work in progress, the fact remains that with the prevailing peace already achieved, it is crystal clear that the chairman’s efforts will be consolidated as the administration progresses.

Another challenge that has reared its ugly head is the lingering intra and inter community feuds. Leadership crises in some communities also affected the progress of the LGA before the coming of the Obi-Nzete led administration. Communities like Ogume, Emu, Kwale to mention but a few, were locked on in acrimony and animosity.

In Ogun, the seemingly unending internal issue was a result of a leadership crisis following the expiration of the tenure of the Community Development Committee.

Obodougwa, an Emu community was in crisis with their neighbor Arcade community in Isoko South LGA. Amoji in Onicha Ukwuani was also at loggerheads with the alledged herdsmen causing havoc.

But the chairman waded in through robust and genuine engagements and the differences were resolved and today, peaceful coexistence among the people has now been reignited.

Another area that the chairman has demonstrated and shown true leadership, was in the promotion of tripartite relationships between the executive, legislative, and workers in the council.

The usual bickerings that are common in most councils, between workers and the political class, are not in existence in Ndokwa West LGA because of the chairman’s openness and his willingness to carry all stakeholders along. More importantly, also is his determination to ensure that he works and delivers good governance to the people rather than pursuing an agenda with interest in personal gains. He has made sure that every department is taken care of openly and transparently.

Today, the chairman has rekindled the spirit of the workers who are now determined, willing, and ready to reciprocate the chairman’s genuine leadership.

The political class is also very willing to ensure that the chairman’s efforts are supported towards repositioning the council for greater development.

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