2023: See The Preferred Candidate Of CBCN For Presidency

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) has revealed the attributes to look out for before supporting any presidential candidate for 2023 general elections.

The clerics in a conference held on March 06, 2022 in Abuja advised Nigerians to make sure that whoever would take over the mantle of leadership from President Muhammadu Buhari must be competent enough to drive the nation’s economy to greater height.

Speaking at the occasion, the president, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria, Archbishop Augustine Akubeze stressed on the need to overcome the temptation of risking the future of younger generations for three cups of rice.

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Augustine Akubeze urged fellow Nigerians to avoid sacrificing their birthrights like Essau for a plate of yam pottage to confront bad governance for another four years.

Hear him: “We cannot run away from the fact that very often a people get the kind of Government they deserve. Yes, this is true. The numbers of Nigerians who vote are very few.

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“For those who do not vote, they have already voted by allowing a few to determine the future of the majority. The argument that INEC or other agents may not make our votes count is no longer acceptable. We must exercise our right to vote and then speak to protect our vote.

“We call on all Nigerians to get their Permanent Voters’ Card, and get ready to vote according to their personal conviction of who is capable of leading Nigeria or the State to a better life.

“Vote for those who can ensure the security of life and property. Vote for those who have shown that they have the capacity to unite us as a people.

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“Vote for people who possess the capacity to make Nigeria into an industrial hub for Africa. Vote for people who can make Nigeria a land of opportunity for all.

“We are also united in our common search for a nation that cares for everyone. We are united in our common dream for a Nigeria that provides opportunities for everyone.

“We are united in praying and working for a Nigeria where Government at all levels are accountable to the people who gave them power.

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“We are united in our yearning and desire for a Nigeria with strong institutions. We are all united in looking forward to a Nigeria that will be audacious enough to ensure that our constitution reflects our common aspiration to live in unity, peace and justice.

“We are united in seeking a constitution that will provide for the needs of every Nigerian,” Akubeze explained.

The Catholic Bishops added 2023 offers Nigerians another opportunity to fix what they got wrong in the past, especially in their participation in the political life of the nation.

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