Please take time to go through his story and advice

Good day ladies and gentlemen!

I am at crossroad on how to take a right decision.

There was a time I traveled to Warri for a family funeral and that was where i met a very lively lady. I was 27 years old then and she was 25 years. We spoke and exchanged contacts. I was in warri with my extended family for 4 days, after that we came back to Lagos, but i continued talking to her on phone.

We developed feelings for each other and started dating. i visited her in warri like 3 times and we were very cool with each other. She wasn’t working, but i was.

We were talking on phone one time when she complained to me about non availability of jobs in Delta state and that she wants to relocate to Lagos and try her chances there.

I thought about it and later asked her to come to lagos and stay with me so i can assist her search.

She came and i prepared her CV and all she needed and started searching for her. It took some months but i finally managed to get one for her on the island. ( We live at Surulere)

Sir, just 5 months of starting the job, this girl changed, she started coming home very late and even at times she wont come home at all. When i ask her she tells me that i am trying to control her life.

I got to find out that she was dating her Co worker who stays at Ajah and when i confronted her she told me that she can do whatever she pleases and later packed her things and left after we quarreled. She didn’t tell me where she was going.

Just Yesterday i was at home watching TV when i heard someone knocking at the door, when i went to open the door it was her, she knelt down and started crying asking me to forgive her and that she doesn’t know what came over her. It was late i allowed her to stay.

Right now, i am thinking ? should I forgive her or let her go?”

Waiting for your response.

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