The Mystery Of Insecurity In Nigeria (1)

Recently, the cases of kidnapping, banditry and Fulani Herdsmen attacks are the forefront discussions of the mass media in Nigeria.

Security lapses have resulted to the loss of lives and properties worth trillions with no elusive stride by the government to restore normalcy in areas adversely affected.

One of the turbulent trends in the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is the recurring attacks by the Fulani Herdsmen on the armless and helpless citizens; especially the South-South and the South-West geo-political zones.

The reign of terrorism which extends its stretch to abduction, rapping, killing, destruction of properties, communal crisis and other forms of violence that threaten human existence.

Trees do not grow on a stone. Wealth has no value without health. Protection of lives should be government’s utmost priority. Insecurity must not be seen as a normal phenomenon.

The security sad drumbeat expresses danger on the unity and economy of the Nation with the government not doing enough to bring the situation to resolution.

Every community in Nigeria faces the scourge of insecurity. Yet, the Federal Government with all potentials and instrument is relatively slow to check the influx of bandits.

After the EndSars protest in Nigeria that led to loss of lives and destruction of properties, the Northern Governors Forum warned against forces calculated to dethrone the president and take over power from the North.

The South-West Governors forum in the same development stated that the protest was an attack, and an attempt targeted to cripple the economy of the south west.

 The poor masses were not in the picture. Instead of addressing the needs of Nigerians, the bank accounts of the frontline protesters were frozen by Central Bank of Nigeria on the direction by Federal Government to avert further industrial action.

Reflection on the meetings held after the protest by the governors and stakeholders is evidence they are not committed towards improving the living standard of the citizens. The welfare of the masses does not matter, what matters is to remain at the corridor of power irrespective of who is dead or alive. ( to be continued …)

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3 years ago

It is very disappointing that a resourceful nation like Nigeria have neglected security issues. The federal government with all enablement failed to take security challenges as a priority, lives and valuable properties are lost on daily basis.
It unbelievable that herdmen will come from Northern part of the country to do business of kidnapping, killing and rape and Nigerian government will close her eyes as if it is normal. Southern governors is doing little or nothing to contain the situation.
God will Mercy on your children