What You Should Do To Increase The Survival Of Newborn

One who digs a well should not be denied of water. It is painful to lose your child after going through the pains associated with pregnancy for a journey of nine months.

Consistent effort should be made to the double survival of newborn. In 2020, report has it that about 103 infants mortality was recorded out of every 1000 birth.

Infant Mortality, however, is the death of infants or babies before their first year birthday. In making sure that newborn survives, there are things one should do.

There are people who still do it in old way. The old way is not condemned but the old people who are knowledgeable about the precepts are few. Thus, we are left at mercy of quackery.

Here are five ways to increase the chances of survival of your newborn.

1. Medical Care: Taking your routine drugs will keep your baby healthier. Drugs like Folic Acid and Calcium will help to prevent any form of birth defect. It is therefore, important to stick to routine drugs during pregnancy.

2. Parental Care: Parental care is seen as any form of non-genetic contribution by a parent that increases the fitness of offspring, and can occur before or after  birth. Visiting hospital for antenatal will help your baby maintain good healthy weight.

3.Balance Diet: You have to maintain proper nutrition before and during pregnancy to avoid chronic health conditions. When you are healthy, your baby will be healthy.

4. Sleep: You should make sure that you have a safe environment for your newborn to sleep. Laying your newborn on his or her back while sleeping and keep the sleeping area free of toys, objects, as well as any loose beddings that can cause the newborn to choke.

5.Visit a Mother and Child specialist hospital for proper care and treatment.

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