Why I Donated Kidney To My Husband – Housewife

What could be the reason why one would sacrifice his life for the other person to live?

Currently, we live in the society that kindness and love for humanity had been crucified on the altar of money. True love has since died and buried. But here is a woman who had a distinct version of the story.

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Mowa
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Mowa

Surprised by her confession, a nigerian and India based woman (name withheld) has revealed the main reason she donated her kidney for her husband to live.

Did she do it because of love or poverty? Here is the story:

“I offered to donate my kidneys when doctors confirmed both his kidneys were all damaged.

“It was not easy, but it was worth it. I reached a point where I started thinking that what if both of us died here in India, who will keep our three children! But I drew my strength in prayer and my favourite verse 1 John 3:16. I did it for him and the children.

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Mowa Family
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Mowa’s Family

“I thought this was the end of me Seeing my husband Benjamin Mowa and at some point i visualized myself as a widow, i couldn’t handle it so i decided to take the risk.

“I did it for the love i have for my family and also to fulfill my wedding vows, i thank God it all went successfully, please, help me thank God for saving us,” she said.

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