Why I Poured Hot Groundnut Oil On My Husband – Wife

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A Rivers State house wife, Mrs Favour Nweke, has explained why she poured her husband, Mr. Ekelediri Nwokekoro, with hot groundnut oil.

The incident took place on October 11, 2023, in Okehi, Etche Local Government Area, Rivers State.

Mrs Nweke, who spoke while she was been paraded at the Rivers State Police Command’s headquarters along Moscow Road, Port Harcourt, said she regretted her actions.

She took to her heels after she had allegedly scourged her husband with hot oil. Unfortunately, she was arrested by a vigilante group who then, handed her over to the police.

According to the culprit, Mr. Nweke went out about 2 a.m daily and returned home 8 a.m, and sometimes, did not call at home after three days.

“He will go out, at about 2 o’clock in the night and will come back early in the morning. Sometimes he would go, and stay two or three days before coming back then I asked him where are you even going?

“So his friend called me and asked if I had heard what was on the ground, I said ‘What is that?’ He said my husband and some people were involved in one illegal act. He said they called somebody from Abuja that the person should come and work in Etche, and that they have a contract to give to the person and when the person came they duped the person of N20 million.”

She added that when her husband came back, “I grabbed him and said this is what I heard and I confronted him but he refused and we quarrelled. We ended it that day. I then asked him what he did with his own share of the money. I heard some people bought land with their own, so what did you use your own to do?

“As we were dragging that issue that morning, he hit me, I ran into the kitchen with that oil and I poured it on him. That was how it happened.

“I feel bad. Had I known that this thing would turn out like this I would not have done it to him. I will just go to my place and stay. I am begging for Nigerians, you people should forgive me.”

Reacting, the Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Emeka Nwonyi, assured citizens that Nweke would be made to face the consequences of her action.

“I can assure you that person has been arrested and she is here with us. The law will catch up with her and anybody who tries to take the laws into their hands, and be made to face the necessary sanctions,” Nwonyi said.

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