7 Delicacies That Are Not Good For Your Health

There are some sweet foods we eat that are not good for the body. They are professionally called called food poison.

Most of them became harmful to the body when they are not stored or cooked properly. Here are some selected few:

1. Birds: A lot of us eats birds – chicken and turkey. If not properly cooked or undercooked could give rise to Campylobacter and Salmonella bacteria. These bacteria are present at the feathers of the birds.

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Control: One of the best approaches to get rid of these deadly bacteria is to cook the meat well.

2. Vegetables: It is good to handle vegetable with utmost care as E coli, Salmonella and Listeria are commonly found in it. These bacteria are deadly.

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Control: Your vegetables should be washed thoroughly. Avoid buying sliced vegetables and its likes.

3. Dried Fish: Many Nigerian kitchen cannot do without Dried fishes. It is luscious, and could be harmful to our health if not properly cooked.

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The smoke from the wood or charcoal which is called Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) is dangerous to our health. This category of carcinogens is formed when wood or charcoal is burned and is deposited on the food on the fire. They are carcinogenic.

Control: Wash the fish thoroughly; perhaps, per-boil.

4. Suya (savoury meat): Roasted beef or chicken is another delicacy that has a large audience in Nigeria. Cooking beef in an open fire with the oil from the meat undergoes complex chemical reactions that produce car inogenic toxins known as Heterocyclic Amines, HCAs.

Control: Eat suya in moderation and always together with slices of onions, cabbages, and tomatoes. These addictions will cushion the effect of the oil from the suya.

5. Bread: Bread is highly processed flour. It contains potassium bromate, a flour enhancer. The processes lead to formation of carcinogen, which inturn, damages the nervous system.

Control: Avoid eating bread, especially the nicknamed ‘Agege bread’ commonly found in the southwest

6. Rice: Rice is the most celebrated food in Africa. Research shows thag about 80% of Nigerians cannot spend a week without consuming rice.

Rice fans should know that Uncooked rice can be contaminated with spores of Bacillus cereus, a bacterium that produces toxins that cause food poisoning.

These spores can survive in uncooked rice also survive the cooking processes. If cooked rice is left standing at room temperature, the spores grow into bacteria that thrive and multiply. The longer rice is left standing at room temperature, the more likely it will be unsafe to eat.

Control: Eat rice immediately after cooking it and quickly preserve the leftover in the fridge. When reheating cooked rice, make sure it is steaming hot.

7. Eggs: Egg is nutritious, and at the same time could be a source of food poisoning when they’re consumed raw or undercooked. Eggs can carry Salmonella bacteria, which can contaminate both the eggshell and the inside of the egg.

Control: Do not eat eggs with a cracked or dirty shell.

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