The True Story Behind Abaja International Trade Square

By Odili Ogochukwu –

The official inauguration of Abaja International Market has come and gone, leaving the general public with new memories.

The laudable project which is the first of its kind would no doubt attract investors from various parts of the country and beyond to make Delta State a better place.

It was verified that the idea behind the initiative was to reduce the movement of business executives and investors from Delta State to Onitsha, Anambra State.

Sources closed to the Executive Director, Abaja International Trade Square, HRM Enyi Friday Abaja who confided in Africa Investigative Magazine said that investors from all walks of life have been seeking to occupy the Stores and Warehouses, even before their commissioning.

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The market is located along Kilometer 47, New Sapele/Agbor road, Obionye-Onicha Umukwata Kingdom (close to Obiaruku), in Ukwani Local Government Area, Delta State.

It consists of five hundred (500) open and lock up stalls, three hundred (300) two and three bedroom estate apartments as well as one hundred and four (104) warehouses which people from different destinations are jostling for.

In his speech, His Royal Majesty, Enyi Friday Abaja thanked God Almighty for giving him the strength to execute the project.

He stated that the purpose of the plaza is to bring home the good things he sees abroad for the benefit of all Nigerians.

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Hear him: “the purpose of opening this noble plaza is to establish what I used to see outside Nigeria. In Nigeria, we still operate archaic system of marketing which does not match the current trend of day.  If you go to various markets, you’ll see most of them trading on the road; which is uncalled for.

“In those days, we are less than 60 million people; while we are over 200 million people today in Nigeria. We cannot continue to go down the drain. It is my wish to introduce the best of me in Ndokwa Nation and Nigeria at Large.

“Presently, people trade on the streets and roads; and sometimes you see vehicles crush them to death. But with the kind of modern market I have introduced, is a market that can withstand the taste of time.

“The modern system of trading system in the developed world is what I have introduced here to bring maximum development to Nigeria.

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“I built this market because I want the development of my people. If I want to do business, I could have used the money I invested in the market to acquire properties elsewhere.

“In the next few years, this environment would turn to Onitsha. The Eko Market everybody is clamoring to go to is what I have brought to your doorstep. I can assure you that the best of me is yet to come.

“I did not build this market to make money. I built it to use it as an example for all people to learn.

“The organization of this market is better than what they have at Onitsha. Here, the warehouse is on its own, the market is on its own, even the two and three bedroom flats.

“We have also commenced the building of a hotel at the back of the market for the comfort of those traders who have no place to stay,” he said.

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