The Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola

Growing up in Nigeria was a privilege. I was lucky to have a mental picture of herbs and their uses through the help of my grandparents.

A lot of people would request for gratification or financial benefits to share this information. But I am elated to offer it for nothing.

Here are some photographs of samples of Bitter Kola.

The one inside the green container is soaked with water. While the one inside a white container is soaked with dry gin.

According to Aminu Aldurahi, Bitter Kola is a strong and effective fruit to cure a lot of elements.

Bitter Kola Is Used To Treat The Following:

1. Snakebite: There is no cause for alarm if one is bitten by a snake. Chew a Bitter Kola immediately to neutralize the venom in the body system.

2. Scanty Menstruation: This applies to women. If you are faced with this problem, peel the bitter cola, slice it into shapes, soak them in water for one week to drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

However, if one’s menstrual flow has seized for years, it is advisable to get numerous bitter cola; ground them, and put them in a container, soak with a dry gin for 2weeks, and drink it twice a day, morning and night for two weeks.

3. Painful menstruation: Chew three pieces of Bitter Kola first thing in the morning.

4. Blocked Tubes: Ground and soak the bitter kola with ginger. Soak with a dry gin for two weeks then take one short in the morning and one at night on an empty stomach. Your last meal for the day should end by 4 pm.

5. Diabetes: Chew five pieces of Bitter Kola every day to aid the regulation of sugar levels.

6. Stomach Pain And ulcer: Slice and soak it in dry gin. Drink a short after meal every day.

7. Dilution Of Charm: Chew it immediately to vanquish the spell.

8. Quick Ejaculation: Soak it and Kola nut with dry gin and give to drink two shorts before having sex to prolong his sexual ability.

9. Infection: Grate bitter kola as many as you can, soak it in dry gin, and drink two shorts first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, after one hour, you eat your food.

10. System Cleaning: Boil the bitter kola after peeling in a pot, add water to your desire and drain it to a flask and drink it warm every morning. If you’re pregnant chew it, it will help make you thirsty so you drink plenty of water and flush your system of toxins. This will work faster if you stop eating bread, tea, sugary foods and eat more of unripe plantations for iron and beans.

Warning: Do not take bitter kola immediately after taking drugs. It will neutralize the drugs.

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