Bandits Not Responsible For Killing Of Three Christian NDA Officers

Bandits are not responsible for the killing of the three Christian officers in Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) as the authorities told the public.

National Defence Academy Barracks is the engine room and stronghold that breeds Nigeria military officers.

What makes the Federal Government and its allies think that the public will submit to the claim that the Close Circuit Television (CCTV) operator slept off?

Only the truth goes to market and could not sell because the people purchase falsehood. There is a combination of battalions everywhere in the barrack.

The attackers are suspected to be colleagues of Boko haram syndicates within the barracks.

An anonymous said: “The perpetrators knew the hostel of the victims and went straight to their targets and executed their ethnic cleansing being spearheads by Fulanis officers within the military.”

In the face of security challenges rocking the country,  no Fulani has been a kidnapped victim or killed. Even in all the activities of terrorism going on within the military, save for a few used for scapegoats.

The victims are never the Fulanis. The military officers and civilians kidnapped or killed by the bandits and Boko haram are not Fulanis.

The perpetrators slaughtered the armless citizens like animals without recourse to conscience. Funnily enough, anytime the community rise in defense, Buhari deployed security forces to stop the community from defending itself.

Recall that the Federal Government has disarmed members of the public who have licenses to firearms while leaving the Fulani terrorists with sophisticated weapons to invades communities to be killed and destroyed.

To further compound the subject, security operatives would arrest a hunter with a local gun, but do nothing to a Fulani with a sophisticated weapon.

Unverified sources stated that the genocide going on in Nigeria is calculated and perpetrated by Fulani Jihadists in government using Islamic religion as a cover-up.

The source said: “No group of bandits can successfully invade high-standard military facilities such as Nigeria Defence Academy to kidnapped or killed any officer in that barracks without counter-attacks and casualties.

“For us the mission is clear, but you can believe whatever you like.

“The aim of the Fulani in Nigeria is to overrun the country and declare a caliphate.

“The drama is very obvious, even as Buhari disguises retirement for Boko haram Generals for repentance and rehabilitation.

“The methods the Taliban used in Afghanistan and that of Turkey are what the Fulani Jihadists are using in Nigeria.

Some Southerners are working as agents to help them actualize the caliphate in Nigeria because of selfish interests,” it added.

One of the most astonishing portions of the administration is the restriction of the press from reporting the nation’s security challenges.

At the time of putting this material together, two Channels Television presenters were invited by the security operatives over an interview with one of the state governors on security matters.

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