Breaking: Explosion Rocks Taliban-Afghanistan Controlled Airport

There was a bomb explosion in Kabul airport, Afghanistan on Thursday, after Western nations warned of an imminent terror threat.

The level of casualties could not be ascertained at the time of filing this report.

Africa Investigative Magazine learned that Western nations have earlier predicted terrorist attacks as thousands of people were at the Kabul airport to travel out of Afghanistan.

AFP reported that the US government had raised the alarm with a series of advisories warning their citizens to avoid the airport.

Also, the UK government issued a warning to its citizens, saying “if you can leave Afghanistan safely by other means, you should do so immediately.”

It was reported that more than 95,000 Afghans and foreigners have fled Afghanistan through US Airlift as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan on August 15.

Afghans were desperate to leave the country against the August 31 deadline mapped out by President Biden to end evacuations.

According to a White House report, “Biden and his aides have not budged on the hard deadline — even as some foreign nations warned they would be forced to leave at-risk Afghans behind.”

Several Western allies have already wrapped up their airlift operations including Canada, whose government said it was “truly heartbreaking” to leave behind those who wanted to be rescued.

The Taliban however, have promised ‘a soft landing’ recalling the 2001 invasion by the United States because they gave sanctuary to Al-Qaeda.

But Afghans still entertain fear for a repeat of the Taliban’s cruel exercise of sharia law and punishment for working with foreign militaries.

Women who were denied education and employment were a particular concern as they could not leave the house.

It was verified that a lot of people have lost their lives in the jumble around the airport recently.

According to the Punchng news, “the Taliban have ruled out any extension to next Tuesday’s deadline to pull out foreign troops, describing it as a red line.

“Turkey, which had more than 500 non-combat troops stationed in Afghanistan, said Wednesday it had started pulling out its forces.

The withdrawal signaled an apparent abandonment of the plans it had been negotiating to help secure Kabul’s strategic airport after the American departure.

The Dutch government described it as a “painful moment” that would leave behind some Afghans eligible for evacuation,” it said.

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