Covid-19: National Blood Donor Shortage Hits U.S Hospitals

The scourge of Covid-19 pandemic in United States has took a new trend as the state hospitals blood supply is running low.

The donation of blood in the United States has declined extensively which is first of its in more than a decade.

Africa Investigative Magazine gathered that the reduction in supply of blood in the State is also connected to the cold season, as well as the cancelled blood drives across the state.

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It was further gathered that the Red Cross supplies 40% of the blood in U.S while independent blood distribution centres supply the rest.

The statement by state’s Red Cross urged the residents to help out by donating blood either through organizations of local outlets.

The Red Cross lamented that the national donor blood shortage in the U.S is the worst seen in more than a decade.

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It said, “The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the decline in donations that goes along with the colder season, as blood drives continue to be cancelled across the nation and staff shortages reached the organization.

The body also said that a 10 percent decline in blood donors due to the pandemic has led to hospital demand not being met and its reserves of critical blood types- for example type O – having been diminished to a one-day supply.

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According to the Data released by America’s Blood Centers, about three quarters of the independent distribution infrastructure reported supply levels considered critical, covering just two days or fewer.

“The situation was especially dire in Eastern States, where more than half the distribution infrastructure was down to a one-day supply or less,” it said.

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[…] You May Like: Covid-19: National Blood Donor Shortage Hits U.S Hospitals […]


[…] You May Like: Covid-19: National Blood Donor Shortage Hits U.S Hospitals […]