‘I still love you’, Nkechi Blessing’s Ex-Husband Apologizes To Actress

By Henrietta Osademe –

Actress Blessing Nkechi’s ex husband, Opeyemi Falegan, has apologized to her publicly, saying that he still loved the famous nollywood actress.

Opayemi who maintained that he could not live up to expectation in his relationship with Blessing said he needed to forge ahead but did not do it in a right way.

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“To my ex, Nkechi, don’t be angry. Let me tell you, don’t be angry. I know how it feels having a guy to show the world, saying;

“You are the love of my life, my husband, and all of a sudden the guy messed up. I lf I can kneel down now. I will, but still, I say you should not be angry,” he said in a-two minute video clip released on May 10, 2022.

The Nigerian politician who maintained that he messed up in some aspects said, “I needed to forge ahead but maybe I didn’t do it in the best possible manner,” Opayemi added.

Their breakup went viral on social media a few months ago as they were attacking each other on Facebook.

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