Ini Edo Opens Up On How She Grows In Nigeria Movie Industry

A popular Nollywood Actress, Ini Edo, has poured her thoughts on Nigerian Movie industry, stating the  distinction between the ancient and modern artists.

The award winning actress narrated how social media have contributed in the growth and development of the present celebrities.

The 40-year-old actress and single mother of one who said it was not social media that made her a star, attributed her achievement to what she described as “body of work”.

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Ini Edo said it was hard work that gave her an edge and made her a celebrity, unlike now that people grow overnight using social media.

“With the emergence of social media it’s earlier for a lot of people to become celebrities, we didn’t have the platform to give us celebrity status, we had work.

“It was our body of work so it wasn’t even about the fame at that time, it was more about being successful at the job. For instance, when I came in it was mostly dominated by the light-skinned girls.

The actress hinted that it was the ‘light in complexion’ girls that gained more attention in the Nollywood Industry, except for a few of them (dark) that put an extraordinary effort to have their ways.

“There were just a few of us who were dark-skinned girls so coming in from that place and trying to drive yourself to a point of acceptability, took a lot of work, then passion.

“Social media was not there to make people see how fly you were or how talented you were, it was the work,” she said

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