Meet The Governor Of The Poorest State In Eastern Nigeria Who Constructed 17 Classy Flyovers

Frank Nwabueze –

This flyover is one of the 17 flyovers that has been constructed by the present administration under the leadership of Engr. David Umahi in Ebonyi State.

Something spectacular about this flyover is that it is not located in the capital city of Ebonyi State, yet it this classy and enticing.

For the past few weeks, Ebonyi State’s capital city has been experiencing traffic jams as a result of an influx of investors, contractors, job seekers, adventurers, students, etc. for the reason of the uncommon transformation that has happened in the state in the past six years and a fertile ground for investment, education, job opportunities and more.

I particularly observed that Governor Umahi is indeed a man who saw the future, Ebonyi’s future, the future of the fastest developing state across the country, he saw this and began to prepare before the time, the time that Ebonyi will become visible in the world map.

He began to install good roads, connecting the roads with beautiful fountains in the roundabouts and installing the classy decongesting flyovers across the lengths and breaths of where he anticipated may have a traffic jam if allowed to remain in the originality.

A lot has happened in the period under discussion but I elect to leave it for another day but one factual thing you cannot take away from Governor Umahi is his ability to correctly predict what the future holds, of course, we can confirm that he is on a divine mission, judging from his antecedents.

You cannot take his love for humanity, his doggedness, and his commitment to ensuring that dividends of democracy cut across all.

Umahi has written his name in gold and will always be remembered.

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Jerry Dollar (KYF Boss)

Engr David Umahi has been very spectacular in his administration and I believe that he is ready to do more if given more opportunity. I wish other Governors can emulate him.

Jerry Dollar (KYF Boss)

100 Days of pragmatic leadership in Ndokwa west LGA that’s a very great vision to achieve . Leadership is one of the greatest need in the country and addressing that Area settles the major needs of the constituency


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