International Women Day: Ossai Udom Calls For Inclusion Of Women In Politics, Other Relevant Sectors

The Coordinator of the Ndokwa committee for growth and development, Mr. Ossai Udom has called for women’s inclusion in politics and other relevant sectors for the purpose of development.

Mr. Ossai Udom while addressing newsmen on the International Women’s Day observed on March 08, 2022, called on the authorities in power to recognize women by making part of the decision making body in all sectors.

Ossai Udom urged men all over the globe to celebrate women, saying that they are special creatures from God Almighty who had added credit to not only in man’s existence but the world at large.

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Ossai Udom who sees women as a source of inspiration, describes them as special creatures, whose incredible impacts on humanity have made the world a better place.

He noted that every day is special for everyone, especially women, who had made a difference in their areas of responsibility.

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Thanking women for who they are to humanity, Udom urged the world, especially the members of his committee to take their time to appreciate women for making lives worthwhile.

Hear him: “Brethren, today is one of those beautiful days when we celebrate humanity and specifically, we honor our WOMEN across the world.

“May I, therefore, urge members to take out 5 minutes of our time today to reflect and appreciate our WOMEN FOLKS for how God Almighty has used them to make our lives worthwhile.

“WOMEN are special and I say thank you all for who you are in humanity,” he said.

Ossai Udom, however, called for a world free of bias, misconceptions, and discrimination against women.

Udom who wants the world to honor women on this special day, calls for diversity, equality, and inclusion of women in the decision-making body of every sector of the nation’s economy.

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