Man Divorced Wife Of 20 Years Over Suspicion Of Raped By Kidnappers

Twenty years of a successful marriage has come to an abrupt end as husband divorced his wife over suspicion of raped by suspected bandits that abducted her.

The man who hailed from Zaria in Kaduna State, divorced the woman he had peacefully spent 20 years with after she regained freedom from her kidnappers, saying that bandits might have raped her.

When asked the reason for walking away from the marriage; he said, “I suspected my wife was raped by the bandits who had abducted her.”

Reacting to the incident, a human rights activist and a former senator, Shehu Sani called on religious leaders to intervene to save the situation.

On his Twitter handle he wrote, “A man from Zaria (name withheld) divorced his wife of twenty years after she was released by Bandits who kidnapped her along with others, on the ground that he suspected she was raped by the bandits.

“I call on religious leaders who are aware of this to please intervene.”

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