Music As Agent of Moral Exploration

Nigerians Want To Enjoy A Colorful Music

We hear noise and different sounds every day in effort to achieve certain objective.  Music is commonly used for entertainment; relaxation of body, soul and spirit. Indeed, different people use music for different reasons.

Simply put, music is a collection of sounds put together to create a specific atmosphere, share information, notions and emotions.

There is a kind of music associated with the history and culture of Africa. Gilbert Galindo says; “today, rock and pop musicians tour and perform round the world singing the songs that made them famous.

With this assertion, it is right to ask if these modern musicians consider the audience they sing for. What actually is the purpose of music? Has the purpose of music been achieved?

The core function of music is to Inform, Educate and Entertain the public. For the Information and Education function of music to be fulfilled; the song must be enriched with moral compass, wisdom and knowledge.

Unfortunately, after a careful evaluation of some musical contents, one would be tempted to say that the purpose of music has been defeated. Music is not just for ceremonials. It goes beyond nodding of heads and shaking of the body like a duck under the rain.

Lessons are learnt, knowledge is acquired through communication of lyrics by a musician. Musicians have done wonderfully well in the past.

To mention but a few; Zenzile Miriam Makeba used music as a veritable instrument to fight against apartheid in South Africa. Fela Kuti did his best by using music to humble Nigeria Government in those days.

Onyeka Onwenu laid a solid foundation for national unity and peaceful co-existence. Chief Rogana Ottah built on the same foundation; calling for oneness. African China admonished the then Federal Government of Nigeria led by Former President Olusegun Obasanjo to govern us well.

At this critical stage of Nigeria history is a bulk of musical artists whose songs have no moral standing, and add no value to the lives of their listeners. Yet, the young generations celebrate them with all pleasure.

For instance, of what moral benefit is Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel, a.k.a Mayorkun’s ‘Your Body’ or ‘Naira Marley’s Am I a Yahoo Boy’? There are a lot of unsound, indiscreet and porous songs in the society today. But this write up is not aimed at attacking any musician.

Musicians ought to be dynamic, creative and innovative because of their enormous influence on the public. It is therefore right for our musicians to look beyond financial gain and equip themselves with contents of moral stability.

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