‘My Fellow Women Should Hear My Story And Learn From It’ – Nigerian Lady

A young Nigerian lady (Name Withheld) has encouraged Nigerian women to obey their instincts, and marry the man after their hearts.

She narrated how the man her parents initially rejected became the angel that made her life better.

The lady who was happily married with four children said her parents chased her husband away when he initially visited to declare his intention to marry her.

Hear her story: “it is good I let my fellow women hear my story and learn from it. I am not saying you should not obey your parents. But sometimes, it is better to follow to your instinct.

I got married at the age of 25, during my national youth service year. Sorry to say that I disobeyed my parents and married the man they don’t want me to.

During courtship, my parents condemned his family. They told me that his family is bad, and his village people are bad. They were giving me instances, telling how so many things have gone wrong in his family.

To some point I got tired as it became a subject of discussion for my parents and siblings. To make the matter unbearable for me, everybody in my house would share one bad dream or the other every morning concerning the guy I want to marry.

One day, my mother took me to a pastor who prophesized that I would suffer if I marry the guy. The pastor recommended another man for me, the same man my mother had in mind. In the evening, my parents called me and my siblings for a meeting saying they don’t want to see me and the guy again. All my brothers and sisters supported them. I could not help it. I cried.

My parents said my guy’s elder brother was not a Christian, and there are witches and wizards in their family.

To cut the long story short, my husband had a breakthrough and assisted my people. It was after we got married that the truth came out. My people were the ones actually bad. Somebody in my family was manipulating my parents against my marriage.

Even the pastor my mother took me to was a fake. He impregnated two of his church members and divorced his wife.

Marrying my husband brought breakthrough to my family. I am happy today because I listened to my instinct and follow my heart.

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