Why Sir Monday Onyeme Is A Merit For Ndokwa Nation

By Ugaga Talks –

Politics is all about who gets what, when and how. It is about gaining access to positions that puts you at a level where you are part of those who decide how the collective resources of people kept in trust with Government is shared.

This implies that, in most cases the kind of personalities that represents a people in Government and the positions they occupy determines largely what comes to their region.

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This is usually not the case in reality as many people without any other source of income has turned politics to a source of employment, it is never about what gets to the people but what enters their pocket. This trend of pocket motivated politics has held so many communities and ethnicities down with no visible Development as those who they elected or nominated to represent their interest often jettison the public interest to attend to their personal needs.

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This is why, a people who are lucky to have persons who have made themselves through legitimate efforts and have lead successfully in private sectors before joining politics must support them to drive Development to their people.

However, Sir Monday Onyeme, is not only a politician but a philantropist who is passionate about the development of Ndokwa Nation.

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If you have sat with Onyeme at any point in history, you would understand his passion and commitment to Ndokwa’s Development. Before joining Politics you can hardly find an Ndokwa man who has single handedly facilitated permanent and pensionable job for Ndokwa citizens.

The same way it was difficult to identify any Ndokwa person who has invested in the education of Ndokwa people from his personal funds than Sir Monday Onyeme.

With these track records, I am very certain that if allowed to represent Ndokwa in any position, he will have no match in terms of delivering dividends of Democracy to Ndokwa Nation.

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