It’s Better To Die In Ukraine Than To Be Massacred By Bandits In Nigeria – Says A Nigerian

A middle aged man and Nigerian volunteer fighter,(Name Withheld) has revealed the real reason he declared interest to join Ukrine in its fight against Russia.

The young man who hailed from Tungan Magajiya community of Rijau local government area, Niger State, disclosed that it is better to die at war front in Ukraine than to be killed by bandits in Nigeria.

He was among Nigerians who surfaced at Ukraine embassy with intention to rescue Ukraine from Russian aggressive attack.

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It was a hard knock on him as the country changed its initial decision of waiving the visa for foreigners who want to join the nation in war against Russian troops to pay $1, 000 which was equivalent to N580, 000.

The intended war fighter returned to his community in Niger State as he could meet up with the financial obligations.

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Recall that more than sixty vigilantes and five other persons were massacred in Niger State during a coordinated attack by suspected bandits at the first week of March 2022.

In his Facebook page who lamented that Nigeria has more death records than the warring countries, said he preferred to die at the war front to be wasted by terrorists.

“Who will help us? Nigeria is not at war with any country, but people die more in Nigeria than Ukraine.

“Dying in Ukraine is far better than bandits to kill me. I want to go to Ukraine. Nigeria is not safe,” he said.

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