PLAC Calls For Reforms To Address Human Rights Violation –

The Federal Government of Nigeria has been advised to address the rising insecurity, human rights violations and unemployment issues in the country.

Executive Director of Policy and Legal Advocacy Center, PLAC, Dr. Clement Nwankwo, gave the advice in Abuja, during the presentation of the 2023 Human Rights reports to commemorate the 75th Human Rights day with the theme: ‘Freedom, Equality and Justice for All.’

The persistent problems of violation of rights that manifest in denial of civil liberties, police and security agencies’ abuse of citizens, shrinking civic space, deepening economic and social deprivations, receding judicial independence and denial of fair hearing in the courts, are disturbing.

Dr Nwankwo said the recent report findings showed worsening economy situation, poorly implemented Naira re-design, high inflation rate, it is imperative for government to be deliberate in implementing reforms that addressed the challenges.

He expressed worry on the recent incident in Kaduna where about 120 persons, including women and children were killed in a mistaken air strike on the 3rd of December, leaving over 80 other persons injured. “There are also many reports of extra-judicial killings by security forces. From the incidents of violent conflict identified by PLAC in the course of the year, at least 750 persons were killed in attacks by bandits.”

The report also finds that Nigeria’s failure to deliver credible elections resulting from serious abuse to the electoral process has escalated.

“Recent judgments arising from the Judiciary especially with regard to the 2023 general elections have further deepened questions about the Judiciary’s conduct and questions around its non-partisanship and independence from political interference”.

He also noted the poorly implemented Naira Re-design policy which engendered massive economic disruptions, inflicting various indignities on citizens, who had to squabble to access cash in order to meet their daily needs.

“According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the rate of inflation rose to 27.33% in October 2023. This is the impact of worsening economic conditions, especially rising unemployment raises concern of increased crime rate.”

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