The Valuable Returns Of Being Kind To People

Odili Ogochukwu –

One who digs a well is not denied of waters. The Christian Women Mirror says; “Acts of kindness can make the world a better place for everyone. Beyond the joy of putting smiles on someone’s face, research shows that showing kindness is beneficial to your mental health.

It reduces stress and improves emotional wellbeing. It enhances your physical health and could help you live longer. Apart from that, acts of kindness instill a feeling of satisfaction and joy.”

In a rare candor, the world will be a better place for the inhabitants when you are kind to others. Those you are kind to will be kind to others.

A professor of semiotics and Woman Leader, Mrs. Julie E Umukoro, in an event at Kwale said; “Let us encourage our people so they don’t die with their knowledge.”

You will touch lives positively when you are kind to people. Through you, a lot of destinies will be fulfilled. Through you, a lot of destinies will perish. The choice is yours. The lives flourished by kindness add credit to the society, and Church.

Most importantly, being kind to people will make you enjoy God’s blessings. It grants inner peace, and ultimately, you will have treasures in Heaven through your kindness.

One who expects something in return for an act of kindness is not kind. He is a business mogul. The elders of your community must become errand men because of the project you executed in the community.

You should leave your camera at home while helping others. According to Janice Harris, When you live a life of giving and helping others, you are sowing into the Kingdom, the very Universe. That seed will rise throughout your life and years after you are gone, touching the lives of your legacy; your bloodline will run strong.

Your life is your life but you will truly be rewarded when you give pieces of your life away. Help someone today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. Help someone; when you do, you are truly helping yourself.”

An Anonymous added that if you do not have gold or silver, give your time, and talents. One who is blessed is different from who is cursed. Everyone will be rewarded according to the work of their hands.

Without a doubt, an unkind person loses the mercy and favor of God. Some don’t see the need to help others. This set of people prefers to make heavy donations for funerals to help foot hospital bills.

Unkind people are insensitive and deaf to the plights and aspirations of others, forgetting that a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

Have you affected the lives of people around you positively? Have you been kind enough or unkind to people? Repent where necessary and do the needful. Search your life today, for whatever you give to others comes back to you.

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