What You Should Know While Entertaining Your Monthly Visitor

By Faith Anekwe –

This is a very important aspect of woman’s life. A woman’s level of hygienic determines her health status. Therefore, women should endeavor to maintain high level of hygiene by bathing at least twice a day during menstruation or as many times as possible. Bathing will not only vitiate the odour, but makes one feel better.

Taking a bath helps one breathes better as it improves the heart. Bathing helps the brain and relaxes the muscles, joints and bones as well as takes care of the blood which is very important to woman entertaining her monthly visitor.

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Changing of sanitary pad is another vital point to be considered. Most of the sanitary pads and napkins are harmful to the body as they contain BPA and other chemicals that can cause cancer, and affect the reproductive organs.

Sanitary pads can cause infertility, rashes, hormonal dysfunction, among others. It is therefore, not a good idea to go entire day with one pad. It is safer to change sanitary pad at least three times a day.

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The use rag or tissue during menstruation is not safe. This can cause infections. It could have been better for the companies in charge of the production of the products to make the price affordable for everyone. Women should use good sanitary pads.

There are a lot of these products competing for our money without considering our health. But if asked, I will recommend “Always sanitary pad” which is always the best for me.

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Just as other visitors, you need strength and healthy food to entertain your monthly visitor. You should eat healthy foods, that are rich in protein and iron . For example: fruits, vegetables, plantain e.t.c. especially after monthly flow, this helps to replace the lost blood.

Most women went through pains while seeing their monthly flowers. It is a sharp pain that occurs at the lower abdomen of a woman though, it varies in women. Some women experience the pain before its arrival. While others, are during the flow.

While on your monthly clean up, it is good to take a hot bath, place a hot water can on the place you are experiencing the pain. Take a long walk. Always sleep with your belly on the bed and visit your doctor if necessary.

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