The Various Ways Social Media Rogue Mankind

The world is a global village. 85% of the world population are acquainted with technologies – computers, smart phones, laptops, Televisions, recording facilities and so on.

Social Media ease stress, make people feel relaxed and put smiles on their faces.

A lot of people advertise their businesses, products and services on social media – publicity for weddings, birthdays, child dedication and other celebrations.

People advertise comedy skits, music videos, dance steps, different cooking techniques and recipes. For example, foods and spices, different kinds of write ups, inspirational stories and lots of motivational quotes that can keep life going.

Social media as part of mass communication entertains, educates, informs, mobilize and socialize the general public.

Online journalism is not left out. There are lots of online media platforms; facebook pages, Whatsapp, instagram, twitter e t.c. convey current, accurate and balanced news stories on daily basis.

However, the same social media have rogue many people. Below are some negative effects of social media:

ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION: The social media has caused a lot of anxiety and depression to youths, making people to live fake lives.

Many of them may go to the extent of committing one crime or the other just to be like their Facebook friends, some young boys go into ritual killing, arm robbery e.t.c. While the girls go into prostitution, bestiary among others.

While some who are not strong enough to do these things may go into depression, they will be so depressed because they can’t measure up to the fake lives they see on social media, these depression can lead to suicide or other unpleasant situations.

ADDICTION: Addiction to social media has caused a lot of youths very valuable things or even their lives. Some have been hit by a car because they are chatting while walking on the road.

Some people who are addicted to social media have lost their chances of getting a good job, sometimes there are opportunities for them to get jobs but won’t go for it because of addiction to the social media.

Some women have also lost their opportunities of getting good husbands, in the sense that a man can’t Marry a woman who is always on social media. Because of her addiction to the social media she can’t even make good meal for the family.

SOCIAL ISOLATION: The social media has brought about social Isolation. This means that people who are always on social media are socially isolated to physical family and friends.

They can’t spend quality time with their families and friends, they can’t go out and have fun rather they will prefer to chat and talk with their social media friends, some marriages are going down the drain because a lot of people are more concerned with their social media friends than their spouses, romance in the marriage will be dying gradually and they don’t care because their social media friends are already taking the place of their spouses in their lives.

MISPLACED PRIORITY: The social media has so much affected the youths of our time that they have misplaced priority, this means that they don’t prioritize their activities , a student doesn’t know the time to read and the time to use the social media.

Same thing goes to other workers or business owners and even house wives who will spend a whole day on the social media and won’t remember to prepare food for the family or take care of the children.

CRIME: There are lots of crime associated with the social media, one of the ways fraud (scam ) has become so rampant in our society is through the social media.

Facebook or Whatsapp Accounts can be hacked by people when they gets hold of some information about the account owner, they will use the account to scam unsuspecting people of their hard earned money.

Another Crime associated with the social media Is ritual killing : A lot of young women has fallen of this , when they meet young handsome rich men on Facebook. They will be invited by the men to their houses, that is where some of them meet their deaths , sometimes they will be raped and killed and some parts of their bodies will be taken for ritual.

SEXUAL IMMORALITY: This is a moral decadence that is gradually becoming a normal thing in our today world.

The social media has made it easy for pornographic contents to be sent from one person to another even without the viewers consent, it is sometimes sent to a whatsapp group chat where everyone in the group will see it and it spoils the minds of some people .

The social media has also made ladies expose some parts of their bodies that are meant to be hidden, when they take pictures and post them online, a lot of people sees it and this can generate some immoral thoughts in an innocent mind of some viewers. This also leads to rape.

It has also made people exchange their nude pictures with their Facebook friends which is multiplying the ills in our society.

The video of the Chrisland students was able to go viral because of the social media, despite the fact that child pornography is a great crime.

Our society is blessed with the social media for its positive and great impacts to everyone, but it’s Negative effects is now on a serious war with our generation.

It’s high time censorship on social media is put into place , to curb these negative effects.

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