Things To Cut Off From Your Wedding To save Cost

A motivational speaker and writer, Mr Solomon Buchi has suggested that one should take the underlisted steps to spend less in wedding ceremony. They are:

1. Scrap Aseobi
2. Scrap Bridal train
3. Scrap Groomsmen
4. Make it strictly by invitation
5. Wed on a weekday
6. Don’t aim to feed everyone
7. Rent wedding gown(you can buy a much better one by 5th/10th year anniversary)
Save money!

A wedding ceremony for you to be joined before your family and friends, not 5000 strangers.

It’s not for you to impress people! The most essential time during a wedding is when the pastor joins you, not the fashion, not the food, not the ceremony.

I’m not dissuading people to have a luxurious marriage, but that’s okay if you can afford it. Even if you can afford it, maybe save a little more.

Weddings shouldn’t be that expensive. You can make it cheap if you want to.

Do you agree with him? Your thought on this may help someone. Drop your comment to help someone out there.

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