10 People You Should Have In Your Life

Success in life is not an individual affair but the contributions of other people we have an encounter with. That is to say that one’s success depends on the kind of people around him.

The influence of the people one mingle with has great effect on what comes to him. The right people bring the right thing. The wrong people bring the wrong thing.

To succeed in life, there are ten people we each need around us.

1. The Right Standard
How far you go in life depends on the level of your standard; people you carry along, and people that carry you along. The first person you need in your life is the Standard. These are the people whose accomplishments keep you from becoming complacent.

If you are lucky to pick the right Standard, you will never be guilty of resting your shoulders on them. You will keep putting one foot at the front of the other to the point of competence. The Right Standard in our lives makes us ambitious and keeps our faiths alive.

The most important criterion for the right Standard is that he/she operates at the highest level of excellence in his areas of responsibility and want you to get to the same height.

2. The Buldozer
In some areas, people tend to act like the right Standard to making a difference. These are the set of people I referred to as the Buldozer. The Buldozer are your competitors.

Your Right Standard may not be in the same field with you but your Buldozer is in the same field with you. The wonderful thing about them is that they encourage you to work hard enough. The Buldozer push you to become the best you can be. They are your competitors.

You become a better person when you pick the right Buldozer. Rafael Nadal, Nova Djokovic and Roger Federer are great tennis players because they have each other as competitors and none of them can afford to stop working at staying on top of his game.

The Messi/Ronaldo rivalry has helped both players to maximize their potentials. That is the blessing of a potential buldozer which I referred to as a competitor.

3. The Counsellor
Everyone has a counsellor. The counsellor is someone who is wiser than you and more experienced in life than you. We need them to do better in life. Their advice guides, directs our steps to the right path. You avoid certain mistakes having a good counsellor around you.

4. The Mentor

Anyone who wishes to do well in his field of profession must have a mentor. There are people who have outstanding personalities in your field of study or profession that are worth to emulate. A mentor is a master. He teaches, guides, tutors and coaches you to greatness.

A mentor plays two important roles in your life. First, the mentor is your life’s coach or tutor. Secondly, he takes you under his wings and open doors of opportunity to you by putting his network and influence at your disposal.

5. Spiritual Director
Your spiritual director must not be a minister of the gospel. He must be someone that has adequate knowledge about spiritual principles.

He should be able to teach you how to apply them. This is also the person who speaks good things into your life. It could your parents, pastor or anyone who has deeper understanding of spirituality than you, and he/she is available to assist you.

6. The Trigger
The Trigger is the person who pushes you to do more without taking any excuses. It is the person that helps us to cover up our laziness and mediocrity with a lot of excuses. The Trigger works with you to set goals and targets for your life and drives you hard to achieve them.

7. The Lover
We all need to love someone, and someone to love us. the love we need here is not negotiable.

8. Your Mentee
We have talked about the importance of having a mentor in your life. You should not always be at the receiving side. You should also give. If you have a mentor, you should also have a mentee. You need to pick someone you can also mentor.

9. Your Public Relations Officer
You need this kind of person as you go higher in life. The Public Relations Officer is the person to whom people go when they have issues with you and he tries to make them put the best possible interpretation to your actions and statements.

10. Confidant/Confidante
No one lives in isolation. You should have at least somebody to celebrate you. You need at least one food friend.

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