Don’t Cry For Ukraine, Cry For Nigeria, Says Former Presidential Spokesman

A former presidential aide to former president Ebele Jonathan, Reno Omokri has reacted to the current trend going on between Russia and Ukraine, urging Nigerians to cry for Nigeria, not Ukraine.

He said that despite the Russian attack on Ukraine, Ukrainians still maintained good living standards having access to all their basic needs.

Goodluck Jonathan former aide in a post on his social handle noted that there are no fuel queues in Ukraine, even in the face of war.

Recall that fuel scarcity and hike in the price of goods and services have hit harder on common Nigerians following the importation of contaminated by Nigerian National Petroleum company into the country.

Power outage, bad road network, killings and kidnapping, high rate of unemployment, fuel scarcity, corruption, hardship; to mention but just a few, no longer make news in Nigeria.

Omokri said “Ukraine still has power. Phones still work. Water still flows through the taps. There are no fuel queues. Their President is still in Ukraine.”

He condemned the inability of the Nigerian government to see to the needs of common Nigerians.

He added that Nigeria falls short of social and utility services even in absence of war in the nation.

Hear him: “Nigeria, where is Buhari? In France. Do we have fuel? Do we have power? Do we have water?

“Don’t cry for Ukraine. Cry for Nigeria! Even without war, our government is not able to provide the leadership, as well as the social and utility services that a war-ravaged Ukraine is still providing to its citizens,” he said.

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