Girl Abducted By Alleged Suitor Escapes From Captivity 

Faith Anekwe –

The kaduna state Hisbah board has rescued a teenage girl, Sadiya Musa, who was abducted by a man claiming to be her suitor in Rigasa area of the state.

Our Correspondent learned that the victim who was said to be between 13 -16 years old went missing on May 19, 2022, when her mother sent her to buy ingredients to make henna around 7-8 p. m.

According to the statement by Kaduna State Hisbah, the alleged suitor abducted Sadiya and locked her up in an undisclosed place.

“Sadiya managed to escaped after spending a day in captivity and was later found by Hisbah (SCSN) personnel who took her back to her family at Yan kifi Rigasa, kaduna after investigation had been made about her whereabout,” the statement read.

The Hisbah (SCSN) commander in charge of U/Sanusi Kaduna Metropolitan, Alasan Abdullah Abybakar, said efforts are being made to arrest the suspect.

“One of her family members (an elderly woman) disclosed that they couldn’t eat the whole day and have a sleepless night after Sadiya didn’t return home that day.

“The culprit is on the run but the security forces are taking their part towards bringing him to justice,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the Hisbah (SCSN) Commander in charge of U/ Sanusi has called on parents to be vigilant and desist from sending their children on errands at night.

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2 years ago

Thank God the girl escaped from her abductors. However law enforcers in Nigeria need to start acting like law enforcers. They should start doing their duties diligently and not give criminals they “DO NOT” want to apprehend code words for them to escape, then claim later they cannot find them. What do they mean by “efforts are being made to arrest the suspect”. as in this case or, to paraphrase in the case of Deborah (the lady murdered on public) in which law enforcers are reporting that one or more of the murderers was/were foreigners and might be out of the country. Their job is to bring the criminal(s) to justice. The laws of a country are toothless if the law enforcement are incapacitated by partiality, highest bidder syndrome and/or societal influence. LET’S MAKE NIGERIA A COUNTRY OF LAW AND ORDER. It starts with impartial but humane law enforcement.

Last edited 2 years ago by MannyO